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Information for EFSD Award Recipients

Please refer to individual programme announcements for additional, programme-specific regulations.

If you have any questions regarding the below or to contact the EFSD Office in general, please email

Award Activation

EFSD award recipients will receive their award activation documents from the EFSD Office after confirming the acceptance of their award. These documents must be completed and returned to the EFSD Office within six months from the date of the EFSD award confirmation letter/email. In exceptional cases and with the prior written permission of the EFSD Office, this time period may be extended a further six months. Any funding which has not been activated within six months of the award confirmation letter/email (in exceptions twelve months) will be automatically withdrawn without any further notice.

Please note that a copy of the confirmation and/or signature page of all ethical approval/s which are needed to carry out the funded project have to be attached to the award activation documents.

During the Award

Please inform the EFSD Office as soon as possible of any significant developments related to your award. These include, but are not limited to delays, challenges or significant changes to the study methodology or a move from the institution where you hold the award.

If you require changes in your research plan, budget allocation or a no-cost extension of your project, you will need a written approval from the EFSD Office.

If you require changes or reallocations in your project budget, the following rules apply:

  • Changes of less than €2,000 are at the Principal Investigator’s discretion and do not need to be communicated to the EFSD Office.
  • For changes of more than €2,000 but less than €5,000 you are asked to inform the EFSD Office.
  • For budget changes of more than €5,000 you need to receive written approval from the EFSD Office.

Award Acknowledgement and Publications

It is essential that EFSD funding is acknowledged in all scientific publications, abstracts to scientific meetings and poster presentations in relation, either partly or fully, to the EFSD funded project, by the wordings specified in the award activation documents.  

EFSD requires to be informed on publications with regard to this grant. Therefore, please send publication(s) relating to your EFSD funded project as PDF document(s) or a link to the corresponding internet file(s), both complete and in part, to the EFSD Office as soon as the papers have been published.


Interim and Final Reports

Before the next funding amount is released, if a no-cost extension is requested or when the project period exceeds more than 14 months, interim reports will be required and need to be approved by the EFSD office. In addition, a final scientific and financial report will be required on completion of the project. If you are unable to submit an interim report, please advise the EFSD Office accordingly, providing an explanation for the delay and an approximate timescale of when the interim report may be expected. More detailed information regarding such reports can be found in the Report Guidelines.

All funded principal investigators are required to submit a final scientific and financial report at the end of the project period. Please  submit the reports within two months after completion of the project. More detailed information regarding such reports can be found in the Report Guidelines. Please note that funding of any other awards by EFSD cannot commence until a currently-funded project has been terminated and a final scientific and financial report received, evaluated and approved by EFSD.

New Application

Please be aware that investigators may only hold a single EFSD award at any given time. This regulation also applies to principal investigators as well as co-investigators. It does not apply to collaborators. The EFSD Rising Star Fellowship Programme and the EFSD Albert Renold Travel Fellowship Programme are exempt from this regulation.

However, recipients of an EFSD award may apply for new funding to the same or to another EFSD programme provided the existing project has been terminated and a final scientific and financial report received, evaluated and approved.