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Mohammad Alhadj Ali

Cardiff University School of Medicine
United Kingdom

Research Interests

  • Immunotherapy and antigen specific strategies for type 1 diabetes
  • Improving the tolerogenic potential of immunotherapies via dermal route
  • Designing clinical trials of immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes
  • Improving recruitment to clinical trials of type 1 diabetes

Academic Career

  • 2015: Donell Etzwiler International Scholar, International Diabetes Centre - USA
  • 2017: Innovators in Diabetes Fellowship, Diabetes UK
  • 2018: W T Edwards Medal, Cardiff Medical Society
  • 2018: ABCD Training Award, Association of British Clinical Diabetologists


  • To a higher level of training in trials design and more specifically on adaptive trial design
  • To learn and work on INNODIA project which involves ((An Innovative Approach towards Understanding and Arresting Type 1 Diabetes))
  • To expand recruitment for INNODIA project and design future trials of innovative therapies
  • To work in the wider European research community, collaborating with other centres and join research networks