EFSD/Novo Nordisk Foundation Precision Diabetes Medicine Award Programme


Shivani Misra: Imperial College London - UK
Using precision medicine tools to advance understanding of type 2 diabetes risk in the UK south Asian population

Eran Elinav: Weizmann Institute of Science - Rehovot, Israel
Decoding the molecular microbiome-driven mechanisms of rapid post-bariatric improvement in diabetes

Cyrielle Caussy: Lyon University Hospital Center - France
Type 2 DIAbeTes with NAFLD: innOvative biomarkers of disease progressioN and clInical outComes (DIATONIC)


Angus Jones: University of Exeter - UK
Precision treatment of type 2 diabetes: understanding biomarker predictors of differential response to oral glucose lowering therapies in the TRIMASTER crossover trial

Haifa Maalmi: German Diabetes Center - Düsseldorf, Germany
Proteomics in precision medicine to identify novel therapeutic targets for depressive symptoms in individuals newly diagnosed with diabetes

Jørgen Wojtaszewski: University of Copenhagen - Denmark
Personalized Phosphoproteomics - turning phenotypic variance into scientific progress


Thomas Pieber: Medical University of Graz - Austria
Optimising the timing of infusion set replacement in insulin pump therapy using tissue flow resistance monitoring

Caroline Bonner: Institut Pasteur de Lille - France
Glucagon secretion and action in the pathogenesis of iatrogenic hypoglycaemia in HNF1A-MODY

Charlotte Ling: Lund University - Malmo, Sweden
Epigenetic biomarkers for precision medicine in type 2 diabetes