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EFSD/JDS Reciprocal Travel Fellowship Programme


Eunyoung Lee: Chiba University - Japan
Deciphering the physiological implications of FADS3 in adipose tissues

Keita Suzuki: Kanazawa University - Ishikawa, Japan
Interaction between genotypes of fatty acid desaturase and intake of essential fatty acids on chronic kidney disease


No award was made


Programme did not run  (COVID-19 pandemic)


Programme did not run  (COVID-19 pandemic)


Kentaro Suda: Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine - Japan
Deciphering the contribution of mixed pathology to Alzheimer´s dementia

Akiko Teshima: Tokyo Medical University Hospital - Japan
Exosomes as liquid biopsies for type 2 diabetes


Ayumi Kanno: Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine  - Japan
The Role mechanism of neurodegenerative disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus through human islet amyloid polypeptide  

Tomohide Yamada: University of Tokyo - Japan
Integration and systemization of clinical evidence of diabetes by utilizing artificial intelligence


Karim Bouzakri: University of Strasbourg - France
Role of MARCKS protein in beta cell function and survival in healthy and diabetic patients

Kohei Kido: Ritsumeikan University - Shiga, Japan
Effects of ischemic preconditioning per se or in combination with exercise on muscle glucose metabolism in man

Kazuhiro Nomura: Kobe University - Japan
The mechanism of maintaining of skeletal muscle quantity and quality to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes


No award was made


Michishige Terasaki: Showa University School of Medicine - Tokyo, Japan
Screen for peptides and small molecules increasing beta cell regeneration and improving glucose homeostasis in zebrafish and mice

Mototsugu Nagao: Nippon Medical School - Tokyo, Japan
Dissection the role of micro RNAs in pancreatic beta cell lipotoxicity


Keizo Kaneko: University of Tohoku - Japan
The research of novel mechanisms by which the gut brain axis affects adaptaton to calorie restriction


No award was made


Haruhiko Tanaka: University of Tokyo - Japan
Genetic differences modifying circulating adipocytokines levels between Caucasians and Japanese