EFSD/Lilly Young Investigator Research Award Programme


Stefano Berre: Cochin Institute - Paris, France
Pathogenic vs benign autoimmunity: why are autoimmune CD8+ T cells primed only in patients with type 1 diabetes?

Mariƫtte Boon: Leiden University Medical Centre - Netherlands
Towards a new gold standard to quantify brown fat activity in humans

Erez Dror: Max Planck Inst for Immunobiology and Epigenetics - Freiburg, Germany
Unravelling epigenetically distinct beta cell subsets

Claire Lyons: Lund University - Sweden
Investigating the role of melatonin signalling on metabolic dysfunction in pancreatic islets

Lisa Nicholas: University of Cambridge - UK
Exploring sex-specific programming of islet mRNAs by maternal diet-induced obesity

Christoph Nowak: Karolinska Institute - Stockholm, Sweden
Metabolomics of adverse outcomes in type 2 diabetes: risk prediction, causality and sex differences

Adrien Pasquier: Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine - Pozzuo, Italy
Impact of lysosomal biogenesis in pancreatic beta cells

Roksana Pirzgalska: Champalimaud Foundation - Lisbon, Portugal
Neuroimmune approach to diabetes-associated infections

Sumeet Singh: TU Dresden - Germany
The role of tetraspanin-7, an islet autoantigen, in regulating beta cell functional heterogenity