EFSD/Novo Nordisk Foundation Future Leaders Award


Alice Adriaenssens: University of Cambridge - UK
Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide: a new player in the gut-brain axis

Rongrong Fan: Karolinska Institute - Stockholm, Schweden
From epigenetics to functional epigenetics: investigating enhancers and silencers in human metabolic tissues

Nicolas Pillon: Karolinska Institute - Stockholm, Schweden
Modulation of skeletal muscle immunometabolism to improve glucose homeostasis in type 2 diabetes

Nicolai Wewer Albrechtsen: University of Copenhagen - Denmark
Glucagon resistance in diabetes


Florian Kahles: University Hospital Aachen - Germany
The role of GLP-2 in cardiovascular disease

Natalie Krahmer: Helmholtz Diabetes Center - Neuherberg, Germany
Identification of leptin regulators and sensitizers based on a proteomic map of leptin signature

Mitsugu Shimobayashi: KU Leuven - Belgium
Elucidating the mechanism of hepatic selective insulin resistance

Michaela Tencerova: Institute of Physiology - Prague, Czech Republic
Studying metabolic flexibility of bone marrow adipose tissue in obesity


Claire Meek: University of Cambridge - UK
An unwelcome inheritance: childhood obesity after gestational diabetes

Trine Moholdt: Norwegian University of Science - Trondheim, Norway
Before the beginning: preconception lifestyle interventions to improve future metabolic health

Atul Shahaji Deshmukh: Copenhagen University - Denmark
Discovery of insulin sensitizing peptides and proteins for the treatment of type 2 diabetes