EFSD/Boehringer Ingelheim European Diabetes Research Programme


Alfredo Ciccodicola: Institute of Genetics and Biophysics - Naples, Italy
Molecular and functional effects of methylglyoxal on human microvascular retinal cells

Richard Hulse: Nottingham Trent University - UK
Pericyte mediated reduction in spinal cord blood flow in diabetic neuropathic pain

Nuria Montserrat: Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia - Barcelona, Spain
Modelling diabetic nephropathy targeting DNA methylation: engineering the epigenome in kidney organoids

Casper Schalkwijk: Maastricht University - Netherlands
AGE-ing of the brain microvessels: the road to the onset of vascular cognitive impairment

Reinier Schlingemann: Academic Medical Center - Amsterdam, Netherlands
PLVAP in the regulation of transcytosis in diabetic macular oedema

Dan Ziegler: German Diabetes Center - Düsseldorf, Germany
Predictive value of novel biomarkers in the progression of painful and painless diabetic neuropathy over 5 years


Hiddo Heerspink: University Medical Center Groningen - Netherlands
Unravelling mechanisms of drug response variation: imaging approach to aid personalised medicine

Claire Hills: University of Lincoln - UK
Connexin 43, a therapeutic target for inhibition of the inflammasome in the diabetic kidney

Carel Le Roux: University College Dublin - Ireland
Does gastric bypass in addition to best medical care attenuate microvascular complications of diabetes and if so what are the mechanisms?

Rossella Menghini: University of Rome “Tor Vergata” - Italy
NTIMP3 peptide is a new therapy for diabetic nephropathy: in vivo preclinical studies


Ariela Benigni: Mario Negri Institute - Bergamo, Italy
Unravelling the role of C3a in the progression of glomerular damage of type 2 diabetes

Sanna Lehtonen: University of Helsinki - Finland
A novel approach to ameliorate insulin resistance and podocyte injury in diabetic nephropathy

Afshan Malik: King’s College London - UK
Evaluation of cell free mitochondrial DNA as a predictor of risk of diabetic nephropathy and diabetic retinopathy

Massimo Porta: University of Turin - Italy
Thiamine transporters and glucose-induced damage in human retinal and renal cells

Gianpaolo Zerbini: San Raffaele Institute - Milan, Italy
Probing endogenous mechanisms for protection of blood vessels in diabetes


Gabriela da Silva Xavier: Imperial College London – UK
The effect of alpha cell specific deletion of Tcf7l2 on alpha cell mass and function

Lena Eliasson: Lund University Diabetes Centre – Sweden
Control of glucagon secretion and exocytosis involving alpha cell enriched microRNAs

Patrick Gilon: Catholic University of Louvain - Brussels, Belgium
Glucagon secretion and action in diabetes

Stephen Spier: Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden - Germany
Assessment of human alpha cell physiology and function in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes

Anton van Zonneveld: Leiden University Medical Center - The Netherlands
Circulating noncoding RNA as posttranscriptional determinant of cardiovascular complications of chronic kidney disease


Stefan Amisten: King´s College London - UK
Identification and functional characterisation of peptide ligands of G-protein coupled receptors in mouse and human islets

Hiddo Heerspink: University Medical Centre Groningen - The Netherlands
Urinary proteomics to predict and unravel mechanisms of renal and cardiovascular disease in diabetic nephropathy

Markus van der Giet: Charity University Berlin - Germany
Biomarker-based formula to redict HDL functionality in patients with chronic kidney disease and diabetes mellitus


Charna Dibner: University Hospital of Geneva - Switzerland
Pancreatic alpha cell clockwork: roles in glucagon secretion, islet physiology and pathophysiology

Peter Flatt: University of Ulster - Coleraine, UK
Production of GIP by islet alpha cells and role in beta cell compensatory response to pregnancy and cellular stress

Patrick Gilon: Catholic University of Louvain - Brussels, Belgium
Mechanisms of control of glucagon secretion in normal conditions and diabetes

Ivan Quesada: Miguel Hernandez University - Elche, Spain
Functional and structural adaptations in the alpha cell and changes in glucagon action during obesity

Ariela Benigni: Mario Negri Institute - Milan, Italy
A novel link between complement and thrombosis promotes vascular events in type 2 diabetes

Nikolaus Marx: University Hospital Aachen - Aachen, Germany
Surrogate markers for sudden cardiac death in patients with diabetes mellitus and end stage renal disease (ESRD)